InvenTree Source Documentation

The documentation found here is provided to be useful for developers working on the InvenTree codebase. User documentation can be found on the InvenTree website.

Documentation for the Python modules is auto-generated from the InvenTree codebase.

Code Structure


InvenTree is developed using the django web framework, a powerful toolkit for making web applications in Python.

The database management code and business logic is written in Python 3. Core functionality is separated into individual modules (or apps using the django nomenclature).

Each app is located in a separate directory under InvenTree. Each app contains python modules named according to the standard django configuration.


The web frontend rendered using a mixture of technologies.

Base HTML code is rendered using the django templating language which provides low-level access to the underlying database models.

jQuery is also used to implement front-end logic, and desponse to user input. A REST API is provided to facilitate client-server communication.